icon imageLonza's Rapid PyroCell Monocyte Activation Test Systems Make Rabbit-Free Pyrogen Testing Faster, Easier, and More Efficient

calendar icon 04 ธันวาคม 2566
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Lonza has launched two new rapid monocyte activation test (MAT) systems, the PyroCell MAT Rapid System and PyroCell MAT Human Serum (HS) Rapid System, to streamline and simplify rabbit-free pyrogen testing. The systems, which will replace Lonza’s current MAT system kit offerings, contain the new PeliKine Human IL-6 Rapid ELISA Kit that minimizes hands-on time and reduces time-to-results from two days to two hours. The new tests give pharma manufacturers easier, faster, and more efficient MAT testing options for product safety testing while helping to reduce the reliance on animals.

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