' lyophilized microorganisms help labs address their expanding regulatory, liability, and quality assurance challenges.

MicroBioLogics produces and distributes lyophilized reference stock cultures and assayed microorganism preparations to support the documentation of these basic areas of quality assurance:
         •  Antimicrobial Effectiveness              •  Microbial Limits
         •  Growth Promotion                         •  Bacteriostasis & Fungistasis
         •  Antibiotic Microbial Assays

Pharmaceutical, Dietary Supplement & Cosmetic
People trust you to provide s safe and quality product every time. MicroBioLogics supports pharmaceutical, dietary supplement and cosmetic microbiology laboratories by supplying ready to use, dependable and cost effective quality assurance microorganisms that you can trust. Reference stock cultures and assayed microorganism preparations support key tests of quality assurance program such as :
             -  Bacteriostasis and fungistasis
             -  Microbial limits
             -  Growth promotion
             -   Antimicrobial effectiveness and
                 antibiotic/microbial assays. (top page)
Water & Environment
Good quality assurance programs lend credibility to the results an environmental or water laboratory releases. Because laboratories face shrinking budgets in combination with evolving standards and compliance requirements, it is essential to produce cost effective and dependable results. Use MicroBioLogics' microorganism preparations to support key aspects of quality assurance programs such as :
           -  Proficiency testing (presence/absence and
              quantitative methods )
           -  Media and product performance evaluation
           -  Microbiological analyses.

World industry advancements rely on knowledge of our future generation. Teachers and Students alike need access to well-characterized and dependable teaching resources for demonstration and testing purposes.

MicroBioLogics supports university, educational and training laboratory curriculum by offering dependable and comprehensively packaged quality control microorganisms.

Clinical Results produced by the clinical laboratory can impact con's life. That is why clinical and veterinary laboratories across the globe rely on MicroBioLogics's lyophilized microorganism preparations to support their microbiology quality assurance programs and quality control challenges. MicroBioLogics's reference stock cultures offer quick and dependable results when measuring overall performance, procedures and personnel proficiencies.
Food Safety
People trust you to provide a safe and quality product every time. MicroBioLogics supports food microorganisms that you can trust. Reference stock cultures and assayed microorganism preparations support key aspects of quality assurance programs Such as :
         - Media and product performance evaluations
         - Product quality controls and daily process controls.
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Laboratories are increasingly concerned with hygiene and cleanness of their work place for obvious safety reasons. But are working conditions not equally as important, once safety ensured?
Anabac ® autoclave perfumes provide the discreet final touch which adds refinement to cleanness.
For an averagely-loaded 200-liter autoclave, place a capsule, preferably in a beaker of water, in the bottom of the autoclave before switching on. The capsule melts completely, leaving no residue and with no effect on the content of the autoclave.

Pot of 100 capsules or barrel of 5000 loose capsules.
Fragrances : Classic, Poma, Citrus.

  • Classic, based on extracts of mint and eucalyptus : freshness in laboratory.
  • Poma, based on extracts of apple : a feel of springtime.
  • Citrus, based on extracts of lemon : the scent of cleanness. (top page)


Anabac Autocalve

Who are Tepnel's customers?

Tepnel Life Sciences' customers for DNA purification and analysis span a wide range of disciplines within the Biomedical Research sector including clinical diagnostics, biotechnology, life science research and pharmaceutical.

Its Scientific Services division, comprising Analytical Chemistry, Bioanalysis and Microbiology services, targets primarily the pharmaceutical, healthcare and biotechnology industries.

Tepnel's range of food testing kits and services are used by governmental and food industry laboratory worldwide to help control food composition and labeling.

Products and services range:

DNA Purification
•  Automated Systems
•  Manual Kits
•  Contract Services

•  Analytical Chemistry
•  BioAnalysis
•  Microbiology
•  Nucleic Acid Purification & Analysis
•  Personal Care

Food Testing
•  Food allergens
•  Genetically modified organisms
•  Animal speciation
•  Food adulterants
•  Food-borne toxins & contaminants


Diagnostic Products & Services
•  Genetic testing screening kits
•  Genetic testing and screening services
•  RFLPs for Identity testing

•  HLA typing diagnostic products
•  HLA typing diagnostic services
•  Antibody detection (LIFEMATCH)
•  DNA Identity testing and mutation detection

Monoclonal Antibodies
•  Cytokines
•  Cytokine Receptors
•  Adhesion
•  Apoptosis
•  CD antigens (top page)