icon imageLonza launches New Non-Endotoxin Pyrogen Detection System PyroCell® MAT Human Serum System Kit

calendar icon 26 พฤษภาคม 2566
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The Monocyte Activation Test (MAT) is an in vitro assay for pyrogen testing in pharmaceutical and medical device industries based on the detection of inflammatory cytokine (IL-6) released by human monocyte in reponse to exogenous bacterial endotoxin (LPS) and non-endotoxin pyrogens (NEP). As such, the MAT offers an ideal solution to replace the rabbit pyrogen test , thereby reducing reliance on experimental animals. 

Lonza has launched new non-endotoxin pyrogen detection system PyroCell® MAT Human Serum System Kit and this new in vitro pyrogen testing system exhibits enhanced sensitivity for detection of non-endotoxin pyrogens (NEP) as well as reduced interferences from complex drug products such as biologics-based pharmaceutical.

Customer can now choose the best pyrogen test for their specific need and take advantage of Lonza's expert technicial service to support implementation and optimize testing processes.