Immunological Excellence

We are a lading worldwide manufacturer and supplier of high Quality antibodies and immunological reagents for medical research and are now a division of MorphoSys.

Your first choice for antibodies
     •  Wide Range of Immunological Reagents
     •  Quality Assurance to ISO9001:2000
     •  Excellent Technical Support

Antibody ranges
     •  Human
     •  Mouse
     •  Rat
     •  Hamster
     •  Veterinary
     •  Cell biology
     •  Histology
     •  Neurology
     •  Alexa Fluor conjugates
     •  CE marked antibodies
     •  Macrophage differentiation
     •  Secondary reagents
     •  Accessories
     •  Custom Services

Product Catalog : 

1. Research Products
       •  MycoAlert Mycoplasma Detection Assays
       •  Cell Health/Cell Functions Assays
       •  High Throughput Screening Assays
       •  New! G-Protein Coupled Receptors (GPCR)

Cell Biology
       •  Cell Model Systems
       •  Clonetics Primary Cell and Media Systems
       •  PoieticsII Human Differentialting Cell Systems
       •  Cell Analysis Stains
       •  Transport Protein Delivery Reagent

Cell Cluture
       •  Classical Media
       •  Specicalty Media
       •  Cell Culture Reagents
       •  Animal and Human Sera

       •  Nucleic Acid Electrophoresis
       •  Protein Electrophoresis
       •  Sequencing and Mutation Detection Products

Protein Analysis
      •  New! Versallinx Protein Sample Preparation Tools
      •  Transport Protein Delivery Reagent
      •  Protein Electrophoresis  

2. Endotoxin Detection

3. Flexible Package Systems

4. Pharmaceutical Products (top page)

Cambrex is an innovative life sciences company dedicated to providing essential products and services that accelerate drug discovery, development and the manufacturing of human therapeutics.

       Efficient and economic antibody production
                  •  Do you need more antibodies than you can make?
                      Don't have time or resources?

                  •  Do you want to commercialize your antibody?
                      Need certified antibodies?

                  •  Do you require conjugated antibodies?
                      Don't have the expertise? (top page)



     R & D Systems is a specialty manufacturer of biological products. It has two operating divisions: Biotechnology and Hematology. The hematology division develops and manufactures whole blood hematology controls and calibrators for hospitals and clinical laboratories to monitor the performance of blood analysis instruments, assuring the accuracy of test results.

  Key Products & Services
Biotechnology Division : Hematology Division :

* Proteins
* Controls
* Antibodies
* Callbrators
* ELISA/Assay Kits
* Linearity Materials
* Multiplex Assays
* Survey Materials
* Flow Cytometry Kits
* Interlaboratory Quality
* mRNA Quantitation Kits control Program
* Cell Selection Kits
* Cell Culture Reagents
* Primer Pairs
* Supplemental Research Reagents
* Assay Services ( Analytical Testing Service and Custom Assay Development )

R & D systems strive to develop and manufacture the highest quality and most extensive selection of cytokine-related reagents available in the research market today, while also providing superior customer and technical support.  (top page)